ART 1TI3: Making Art & Understanding Technology and Images

The series of following images are a couple I created in an introductory art course entitled “Making Art and Understanding Images” this past semester (the beginning of January to the middle of April 2015). I try to take as many art electives as I can because I enjoy them so much! Previous to this course, I had never made digital art in my life, nor understood what it was and how extensive the online digital art world is. Let me just say, I am extremely impressed.


** These are weekly reading responses. Every week, we were assigned a reading and we were to create various forms of digital art in response. For every image we had to have a short description, which you will also find below. In addition, I will leave a link to the pertaining article (extremely interesting reads, I highly recommend checking them out).

Second GIF

TEXT: Anita Sarkeesian interviewed by Paul Dean, “Tropes vs Women in Video Games: Why it Matters”

This GIF very literally displays the portion of males who strongly disagree with Sarkeesian’s “exploration of representations of women in pop culture such as TV shows, movies, comic books and video games” (Sarkeesian represented in pink, the socially accepted colour of femininity). I’ve used the WiiU and packman, clear video game representations, to display this message to allow the viewer to understand that in terms of pop culture, Sarkeesian has received the most backlash from the video game (more specifically, #gamergate) community.


Modern Selfie

TEXT: Hito Steyerl in conversation with Marvin Jordan, Politics of Post-Representation

In this piece, I’ve mixed Steyerl’s theories on self-representation and the idea of the museum (specifically the notion of participatory co-curating) with the simple color and placement aesthetic we’ve been practicing in class. The original photo that I modified into colours that I feel are visually appealing is a selfie made to look like a piece of art displayed in a museum (the grey background as the museum wall). The fact that the images fades represents the disappearance of the individual creating the art, and a play on Steyeryl’s statement: “anyone slightly interested in digital politics and technology is by now acquiring at least basic skills in disappearance and subterfuge”.


Invisible User

TEXT: Olia Lialina “Turing Complete User”

In this artwork, I very literally displayed Lialina’s notion of the “invisible user” in varying degrees of invisibility. The subject is surrounded by a few different versions of the computer, each representing technologies shifting into new eras. The background serves as a portrayal of the future and what is to come in terms of technologies, users and the way we interact.

* This is the first digital art piece I made for this course. Along with help from Erik, I learned the basics of Gimp. I think it turned out pretty decent for a first attempt:)

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 4.17.27 PM

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