Adult Colouring Books? First Blog Post!

Adult colouring books are so amazing. I just purchased this one from Coles bookstore this week for 17$ (CAD). With over 30 pages of intricate images to play around with, you get more than your money’s worth!

In theory, any book can be labeled “adult”. In reference to this book, the term adult just signifies that the designs and images to colour in are incredibly intricate.

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately as I am taking a compressed summer course for school, my grandfather just got admitted to the hospital and I’ve hit a standstill with the first images I’ve had to create for the video game. However, I know that once I get into more of a routine and find my creative groove with this game the art will take off.

As the only artist for this game, I’ve been putting so much pressure on myself to have the perfect art style right away and I’ve been constantly pushing away the naive idea that everything I make will look fabulous on the first attempt.

**Speaking of the game, some of the first artwork will be published here within the next couple weeks, yay! (I keep calling it “the game” because it doesn’t have a definitive title yet).

In addition to these minor issues of mine, my job has also been more hectic than usual. Colouring is one of the only ways my mind becomes completely relaxed and I find myself not thinking about anything at all, which is quite a feat for me. I feel as though studying Millie’s gorgeous art while I colour it in is also exercising my creativity and keeping me artistically inspired.

Check it out!IMG_4873_Fotor

Marotta, Millie. Animal Kingdom: Color Me, Draw Me. United Kingdom: Sterling Publishing Co. 2014. Print.





[In terms of this “blog” section on my site, I would like to keep up with everybody here on art related topics without officially publishing a finished piece of work. What if I need advice? What if I want to let the world know of an awesome discovery! I have great visions for this section 😎 ]

10 thoughts on “Adult Colouring Books? First Blog Post!

  1. Those adult coloring books really are amazing, i feel like purchasing one myself, thanks for sharing

  2. I’ve got an adult colouring book coming from the UK to North Cyprus – a mindfulness colouring book. Mail here is very slow when it’s parcel post so I’m getting very impatient to get going!

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