What does “Peace” Mean to You?

This summer I’m taking a first year Peace Studies course. I enjoy taking summer classes because I live in the same town as my University during the summer and don’t have any big plans, so I figure I might as well take a class twice a week for six weeks and lower my course load for the normal school year in September!

An assignment we had to submit last week was a peace poster project. To summarize: in groups, we had to make a visual representation of how we envision peace and write a 500 word paper to accompany it. Because I was working a lot last week and didn’t have much time to dedicate to this assignment, I very quickly used my alright Gimp capabilities to make this:

%22peace%22 image1

To make this piece, I found fonts that I liked on DaFont. (The most amazing website for fonts. This site made my high school poster presentations incredible!). I then cut out the middle of each shape using Gimp and made mini collages inside each letter with random images from google search.

I then printed it out and managed to quickly create the final product (I was in a group with one other person…my poster is on the bottom and his on the top. Together, our posters represent positive notions of peace versus negative notions). I didn’t post the whole poster because I don’t know how comfortable my partner would be in having his work displayed, as his was more personal than mine.


Either way, this class has me thinking about the notion of peace in so many different ways. So far we’ve been studying conflict and how conflict has been resolved in the past by a variety of peaceful methods as well as studying events that couldn’t be resolved peacefully and why. For me, peace comes from within. I don’t believe that any type of world peace is possible without individuals first finding peace within themselves.

How do you view peace?

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