Thoughts and Life Update: In The Air Edition

I am currently writing this post at 35469 feet in the air, at 497 miles per hour. Outside my window is the beautiful Lake Superior.

This morning I left for my two week trip to Saskatchewan and British Columbia! I’ve been preparing for this trip for a long time now and in addition to working four days a week and making frequent trips to my hometown, I’ve had little time for making art. However, within the next week or so I will be posting the video game art that I’ve been working on for the last couple weeks.

I’m visiting Saskatchewan for a couple days to visit my best friend Patricia, who moved out to the prairies a little over a year ago for a full-time dental hygienist position. From Saskatchewan, I will head over to British Columbia for nine days. I was born in BC and have only been back once since I was four. I love BC because I have a love affair with the mountains. Their colossal size makes me feel as though I’m being hugged with a huge, loving embrace.

In BC, I am staying with my family’s closest and oldest friends. Reminiscing about my grandfather with his best friend of over fifty years; people that know him even better than me, will be refreshing and much needed. Ironically, when I planed this trip about eight months ago, my grandfather was alive and well. He knew I was going on this trip and was so happy for me as he was one of the few people who understood how much BC and my memories there mean to me.

When I return from my trip, I will make a final post about my experiences with some photos and maps that will hopefully help my non-Canadian friends understand what and where I’m taking about and to see the incredible beauty and diversity of the Canadian landscape.


Today, however, I wanted to write down some thoughts that I’m having on this flight, as I still have approximately an hour to go until I reach Calgary. While I understand how some people really don’t enjoy flying, I absolutely love it. There is no other place on earth that I feel more free than above the clouds, looking down at the shifting landscapes below. I also read some statistic somewhere that you are 95% more likely to die on the road than you are flying? Upon further reflection, that seems pretty accurate really.

I don’t realize how tiny and insignificant I am until I see only a small fraction of how gigantic the earth is. I don’t mean insignificant negatively, but in a freeing way, as though in the grand scheme of my life small daily stresses and mistakes that I make a big deal out of don’t matter at all.

Looking out at the clouds modifies my thought process. Suddenly my life feels clear, as though I have no insecurities or fears. I feel great amounts of love for my family and friends as I think about them going on with their everyday lives as I soar through the sky. I feel as though any decision that I make in my life out of pure love and happiness can’t be a bad one. I know this will sound redundant and obvious to some, but I dont very often think these things every day because I’m too “busy”.

Flying feels like a brain cleanse.

2015-07-24_09.52.46During my flights and layovers today, I’m also reading The Power by Rhonda Byrne. It’s a small, visually delightful book that explains how to easily have a better life by simply changing your mindset. I’m not usually into self-help books like this, but this one is actually really good and I most definitely recommend it. I do really feel better after even just reading a couple pages when I’m bored.

To close, I leave you with this: how is it that planes fly?! I know there are scientific reasons like speed and shape and stuff and this question might be juvenile, but come on, think about how heavy a plane is. The same with massive boats. How does, like, a million tons of steel float…

Anyway, I hope you all have a great Friday! 😀

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