I’m Moving!

Hello all!

I know that it’s been, like, a million years since I’ve made a post. My last year of University could not have been more hectic, and I’ve recently moved back home in order to save money and pay off my very large school debt. WITH THAT BEING SAID>>>

I’m switching my blogging/ art sharing site to Tumblr. If I could give you a dollar for how many times WordPress has given me a headache from frustration of not having it look the way I like, I would have enough money to afford a full set of prismacolor markers (i.e. a lot). For somebody who is not the most familiar with creating websites and blogs, Tumblr is much more user-friendly for me. In summary, WordPress is great and I take the blame for not being proficient enough when it comes to how it works.

If you’d like to see what I’m up to, go find me here!



3 thoughts on “I’m Moving!

  1. Good luck! I am not a member of Tumblr, let me know how it works out. Maybe it is a better showcase for a visual blog like mine. WP is ok, Google+ is really good, maybe I should try Tumblr.

    1. So a couple weeks in, and I am really enjoying it! There are not as many free themes to choose from as WP, but I feel as though your stuff travels around the community pretty fast. I’ve never tried Google+…I should really look into it 🙂

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